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About To Install Snow Leopard

I am in the process of downloading what is rumored to be the last seed of Snow Leopard (10a432) -- aka the GM build. The download is 6.13 GB.

I have to fix a Snow Leopard-only bug for our software and it will be the first time I have setup a single system with two Mac OSs. On my Mac Pro, I have a Boot Camp partition setup alongside my Leopard install, but to me that doesn't really count. Apple took all of the complexity out of the Mac/Windows dual boot equation by making the Boot Camp Assistant. I am curious to see how a side-by-side installation will go.

I've already done the research on the best way to do it. Even though I have a dual layer DVD burner, I think I am going with the USB key install that I found on this blog. DL DVD media is just way too expensive. I could spend the exact same money and go get a 8 Gb USB drive for the amazing low price of $29.99.

I've already created a 40 GB partition on my main drive for the new OS. I want to keep it lean and mean since I don't plan on doing much except fixing this bug and maybe play with the performance. I am hoping to be wowed. I played with Snow Leopard at WWDC, but seeing it run on my year old hardware will make it a reality that the OS is coming soon.