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iPhone 3.0 OS First Thoughts

So I just got iPhone 3.0 installed on my first gen iPhone. Here are some first thoughts:

  • Mail actually feels much snappier to me. Heck the whole OS feels snappier.
  • I am loving how intuitive Cut, Copy and Paste feels, even the little bars to increase the selection area is smart.
  • Portrait AND Landscape for most of the apps is a welcome change.
  • Renaming SMS to Messages is a bit of a pain because it is more generic, but I can understand the reasoning since there is now SMS and MMS capability.
  • Voice Memos is pretty dang awesome. I love the simple UI.
  • I didn't heed the advice of a friend and make sure there was one open spot free on my main home page. One of my icons got bumped to a second page of its own. I had to reshuffle a some icons. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things though.

Can you tell I am a fan boy? :)

Coincidentally I was also able to get the developer provisioning working from my company, so I can actually run apps that I personally created on my phone. That's probably cooler than I make it sound since it is relatively trivial on other mobile devices. But considering how long the phone has been closed off to me as a developer, it is a good feeling. Even seeing my personalized "Hello, World" app running on the phone made me crack a big smile.