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iPhone and Mac Development

I am doing light posting this week I know. I don't really have any excuse. Work is really jam packed right now. We are getting into the crunch time of year so days are filled with work and nights are filled with my iPhone side project.

I have to say that I am really in love with iPhone development in the same way that I am in love with Mac development. That's not that much of a stretch considering they are the same foundations, but coding for both platforms really is a joy. I think the last time that I felt this good about programming UIs was when I was doing Borland Delphi way back in the late 90s. UI design really just does make sense. The convenience methods for strings, collections, bundles and data handling is so intuitive that I find myself not needing to go to the documentation. Most of the time I can just use code completion.

I am still struggling a bit with memory management. I still tend to over release objects and cause crashes, but I am slowly getting better.

The other thing I am coming to terms with is Objective-C 2.0's use of properties. I am getting so used to using properties doing iPhone development that when I go back to Mac development (that has to support Tiger) I seize up a bit. Properties are so convenient. It is a shame that you can't use Obj-C 2.0 with Tiger.