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After 7 long years of using Octopress on this blog, today I moved it to Pelican.

I love static site generators. No real hacking threat like Wordpress. No need to have a database. All you need is a little markdown, a little metadata, and an engine to generate the site.

I like Pelican because it is based on Python instead of Ruby. Also, I could never really get used to Jekyll. The dependency handling was just way too complicated for my needs.

The command line to publish a new blog post is right up my alley. Here is all you have to d to create a new post:

# create/edit a blog post
vi content/
pelican content
make rsync_upload

In typical Python fashion, the code is really easy to decipher what is going on. I found a nice Octopress theme for Pelican that made it super simple to change my old blog to the new theme. The most difficult part of the whole process is I had to convert the Markdown from using a yaml based header to a simple text header.

I do need to create some quick and dirty Python scripts to help with creating the skeleton for a new blog post. I also need to get all of this moved to Github.