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Snow Leopard Install Starts...

I changed my mind about the USB key to do the Snow Leopard install. I got to Best Buy and they seemed to do the 'ole bait and switch. The advertised price for the USB Key I wanted was $20 more. I ended up getting DVD R+ DL discs to do the install. It really makes me question whether the store should have a question mark after it in the marquee. That would be a great Fight Club homework assignment. :)

So far I am not too impressed with Dual Layer DVDs. This was my first attempt to burn a DVD using them and I already made a coaster. $1.50 down the drain.

The second attempt seems to be going a little better. The install starts off with a progress bar which starts at 30 minutes remaining. However, I seem to be stuck at 29 minutes for the last 5 minutes yet the progress bar is moving.