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Using kubectl with Velero

Velero is an open source tool to Many of the commands in the velero CLI can also be invoked straight from using kubectl. The reason this works is that Velero installs Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) that extend the Kubernetes cluster. You can query items right from the cluster or via a tool like k9s.

Here are some examples:

# Get all schedules in the cluster
kubectl get schedule -A

# Get schedules in the velero namespace
kubectl get schedule -n velero

# Get the yaml configuration of the `my-aks-cluster` schedule
kubectl get schedule my-aks-cluster -n velero -o yaml

# Get all backups
kubectl get backup -n velero

# Describe an individual backup
kubectl describe backup my-aks-cluster-20231218120035 -n velero

# Get all restores
kubectl get restore -n velero

# Describe an individual restore
kubectl get restore test-backup-20231020134940 -n velero -o yaml